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Want to understand Ukrainian history and culture, but do not have time to research and read long texts? ZnaU offers you a quick and clear format to learn about Ukraine. Text and videos that will take you through centuries in less time than you can imagine

In this video you will learn about the history of the Crimean Peninsula and its people, from the early years to present time.

This video is the next one in the series of animations on Ukrainian history by ZnaU. It will help you better understand the underlying causes of modern day events and why Russia has illegally annexed Crimea in 2014.

We thank Caravan Transportation Group Inc. for sponsoring this video and ZnaU project.
We thank Canadian Association of Crimean Tatars,
Victor Ostapchuk and Igor Shoifot for helping us make this video as historically accurate as possible.

We thank WindStudio Animation for partnering with us on this video and becoming a valuable partner of the ZnaU future releases.

We thank Paul Paliyenko at Moonlight Stage Company for doing the voice-over.
We thank Con Ucrania for making this video available in Spanish.

ZnaU project is possible through hard work of volunteers and partners and thank to the support of the generous donors.
It is an official project of Kohorta and Razom for Ukraine in partnership with Con Ucrania.


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