Assistive Equipment Project

We thank a Ukrainian-Canadian group “Toloka” from Toronto, Canada and ProsthetiKa Non-Profit from USA for their generous donations towards this project! We thank World Rehabilitation Fund for their support of this project as more grab bars have been installed.

Being in a wheelchair, using a bathroom or taking a shower can become very challenging without appropriate assistive equipment. While in Canada support grab bars must be installed in hospitals, they are practically non-existent in Ukrainian hospitals.

KOHORTA has found a way to purchase grab bars in Ukraine at a discount price and install them in the hospitals in a number of cities (in partnership with Initiative E+ Ukrainian NGO and Volonterskiy Rukh Bukovyny NGO)


  • 160 grab bars installed in regional hospitals of Cherkassy and other oblasts
  • 28 grab bars have been installed in Kyiv hospitals
  • 32 grab bars have been delivered to Dnipropetrovsk Mechnykova hospital for installation
  • 100 more grabs installed in hospital of Bukovyna and Prykarpattia.

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